Back by Popular Demand

Much like the Spice Girls I’ve decided to make a comeback.

I’m taking the advice of high ranking clergymen who tell me that the blog is a way of communicating real Catholicism.

Also, Twitter restricts each tweet to 140 characters. How on Earth could I restrict our views on the Spirit of Vatican II to 140 characters? 140 volumes might be more appropriate.

I will be redesigning the look of the blog over the next few weeks. This will start with a Diocese of Portsmouth Mass Directory, listing all Masses that are liturgically praiseworthy.

Palm Sunday 2017 (2)Palm Sunday 2017

Palm Sunday Mass at Holy Family, Southampton

Today’s Link:

Bishop Egan’s Homily. Chrism Mass 2017

 Do tell your friends about the blog.

St Michael: Defend Us


3 thoughts on “Back by Popular Demand

    1. Yes. I have only just discovered this blog – followed a link on Fr Ed’s. It is superb. Terrific photos of Fr James Bradley – good to have him back on British soil after so long.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Welcome to the blog. Father Bradley is wonderful and, give it a few years, Bishop material. It’s fantastic seeing a young, enthusiastic priest injecting life into the parish.Thanks be to God.


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