Was Bishop Crispian against the Ordinariate?


Bishop Hollis was one of those who 17 years ago aggressively shot down the scheme for allowing Anglican converts to be received in community.

This is how the late Peter Hebblethwaite (a Jesuit) described Bishop Hollis’s attitude to what in the early 1990s was known by Anglo-Catholics as “the Roman Option”: “Bishop Crispian Hollis,” he wrote, “has emerged as the tough cop to Cardinal Hume’s nice cop…. Cardinal Hume is ahead in wanting to make it ‘easy’ for them to move as a group… Bishop Hollis … knows that the Anglo-Catholic party has acted as a political faction, using bluff and pressure to get its own way. It cannot be allowed to do that in a Catholic context. Back to the individual solution.”

Perhaps it was a good thing that the Roman Option did not go ahead in the early 90s. After all, what we have now is more far-reaching: there was no question then of erecting a parallel jurisdiction.

We now rejoice in the leadership of Bishop Egan. Through personal experience I realise he is very supportive of Ordinariate communities within his Diocese- a few years ago he preached at St Agatha’s and has visited the church many times. He also passes the church when walking around Portsmouth praying the Rosary.



Is the Anglo Catholic Movement Dead?



Bishop Peter Elliott of Melbourne cautioned those who still claim to be Anglo-Catholics and yet are holding back.”

“When are you going to face realities? … there’s no place for a classical Anglo-Catholic in the Anglican Communion anymore,” Bishop Elliott said.

The Bishop chided Anglo-Catholics who were “tempted to make a desperate last stand by just staying where they are.”

“Permit me to suggest that it is a waste of time and spiritual energy to cling to such a dangerous illusion,” said the Bishop, a former Anglican.

“Let me quietly invite you to lay down weapons of controversies that are now pointless, to set aside endless intrigues which lead nowhere, to walk away from futile conflicts which cannot build up the body of Christ in charity. Accept the invitation of the vicar of Christ on earth.”

Pope Benedict XVI was a “gentle man” who had offered the Ordinariate with “no ulterior motives.”

“His apostolic offer is clear. There is no deception here. He calls you to peace.”

Will Anglo Catholics continue to sing Faith of Our Fathers?

Faith of our fathers, Mary’s prayers
Shall win our country back to Thee;
And through the truth that comes from God,
England shall then indeed be free.

Have those singing paused to think through the use of that hymn in this setting? Do they realise the very martyrs they uphold died at the hands of the body they belong to and precisely because they refused to be English Christians without the Pope? And what do they mean by saying they shall win the country back? Back to what?


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