Mourning and Weeping

By Diocesan John

When I was growing up in the forties and fifties my life had an anchor.  In my family there was love, in my church there was certainty, and in most politicians there was a desire to serve the people.   The nation had values which kept it civilised and there was a broad agreement as to what was right and wrong.  It was such values based on Judaeo Christian teaching that built loving families, and loving families were the cells of our civilisation where young people having been loved were able to bring that love into their own family lives when they married.    Although sexual exploitation happened between men and women for always we are weak and vulnerable to sin, it was not something to boast about in public.   No, it was wrong and we knew it was wrong but if there was sincerity in the relationship then nobody cared.

But change came with more materialism entering our lives.  One of the great changes was the Pill and contraceptives.     A multi-billion sex market started and young women were persuaded that sex was a good and healthy sport.  The men who really did not give a damn if the girl got pregnant or not were able to throw off all morals and the girls with no fear of pregnancy could do the same.   Into this  battle the Church issued Humanae Vitae which laid down what God thought of all this.   Yes, married couples were asked to refrain from contraceptives and use Natural Birth Control but the real reason behind Humanae Vitae was to safeguard Marriage and encourage the young to live chaste lives.   But the so-called educated classes would have none of it.  They even encouraged promiscuity among the young and the result was the collapse of marriage and the destruction of the concept of the loving family unit.

The result is what we have today.  Thousands of young people who never experience the love of a Father and have been abandoned by them.  And without chastity before marriage it is difficult to adapt to faithfulness and we have divorce and remarriage, or children who do not believe in God because of the mess in their lives after a divorce.  These children hurt and the Catholic Church in England gives them no guidance or help because it too has abandoned the teachings of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ as to the special bond that a marriage should forge between a man and a woman.    As I have said before – do not tell the children that God loves them when in their lives they do not feel that love and the Church itself is responsible for their mourning and weaping in this Vale of Tears.


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