Photo Gallery


The restored Sanctuary of Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane.

An explanation for the name of the Lane is that it is a corruption of the Middle-English word ‘Midden’, meaning a place where beasts of burden would relieve themselves. Hardly the best selling point for tourists – or worshippers for that matter.


Corpus Christi’s foundation stone was laid on 5th August 1873. It would be the first church in England since the Reformation to be given the dedication of Corpus Christi, and Fr Keens appealed widely for contributions towards the £8,000 cost, calling it an act of reparation ‘for the sacrileges committed at that sad time against the Divine Sacrament’.



The Maundy Thursday Chapel of Repose at St Joseph’s, Aldershot…



St Joseph’s is described by Pevsner as being ‘[O]ne of the most impressive churches of its date, brilliantly planned on a triangular site, steeply sloping down to the central belfry and the apse on the E apex.’


Rehearsals begin for today’s (6th May) Society of Mary service at St Silas, Kentish Town (CofE). The church is a grade II* listed building.

The objects of the Society are to love and honour Mary, spread devotion to her in reparation for past neglect and misunderstanding in the cause of Christian Unity and to take Mary as a model in purity, personal relationships and family life.


Rev Robert Ladds usually presides at the service. Apparently Ladds used to have the registration A3 BVM, a reminder to say three “aves” to the Blessed Virgin Mary (see Letters page in today’s copy of the Times).



Bishop Egan and Archbishop Smith working very hard at the Bishops Conference plenary session! Apparently Archbishop Smith is a smoker and whilst Rector of St John’s Seminary, Wonersh could often be found in the grounds puffing away like a thurible.


Statue of St John the Baptist in Westminster Cathedral. I’ve not noticed this statue before, tucked away neatly in the baptistry.


Stripping the Altar at Westminster Cathedral, following Mass of the Lord’s Supper.


The newly restored St Mary Magdalene Chapel at the London Oratory. At the opening of the great church in 1884 The Tablet commented that it would ‘bring home vividly to many that thought can find expression in other forms than words.’


A plan of the London Oratory.


Passiontide at the ‘Dome of Home,’ New Wirral, England.


Requiem Mass for Canon Le Pautremat RIP


The monks at Farnborough have welcomed various Knights of Malta in recent years, both for their individual retreats and for days of recollection. In January, Fr Abbot, accompanied by Brother Stanislaus, blessed Epiphany Water and presided at Vespers for the Knights at St James, Spanish Place in London.



On the Solemnity of the Annunciation, our friend Brother Oliver of the Oxford Oratory was ordained to the diaconate. the Abbot attended with Dom Michael, and our Dom Stanislaus joined Br Benedict of the Oratory in chanting the Litany of Saints.


Ecumenical Vespers at Oscott college.


The Annual Corpus Christi Procession through the streets of London from Westminster to Kensington.


Velásquez Crucifixion on wall of Farm Street Church.


The Pugin altar, recently restored, thanks to a generous donation.


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