Catholics are called to change the World- why’s it not happening?

By Diocesan John

THESE ARE THE CHILDREN OF FATIMA, FRANCISCO AND HIS LITTLE SISTER JACINTA. At Lourdes Our Mother had appeared and asked through Bernadette for the world to pray for the Catholic World to pray for the Conversion of sinners but only a few were interested. So sin and hate flourished until there was a mighty war with weapons of what we call now ‘weapons of mass destruction’ More and more the world turned from God and in Russia a new ideology appeared which denied the very existence of God and based morality on what was good for self rather than what was good for humankind. This immoral teaching swept over the world destroying love and replacing it with a philosophy of the strong over the weak. Thus we had thousands of people being killed for the greater good. We had babies being aborted for the greater good, We had believers . being martyred for the greater good The love of a man and a woman being given to their children, the family unit of civilisation, was also destroyed as sexual exploitation and indeed marriages based on sexual attraction with little love became almost the norm in Western Culture bringing with it Divorce and heartache for those involved , especially the children.

Our Lady pointed out to the children that that lack of love had led to the4 first World War that was not raging and unless we turned back to God and his Kingdom of Love a greater war would come after this one. But more than anything else man had to fear was that they would lose God by their sins for all eternity. No let me put this right – it was not God who was punishing man but man who was punished himself. Mary begfgfed the children to do penance and pray the Rosary every day. These little shepherds Jacinta and Francisco did so doing without food and even water and saying Roasaries all day and begging others to do the same. Next Saturday these two little ones, a little boy who died at nine years, and a little girl who did at ten are to be made saints in Fatima by Pope Francis. Next Saturday is the 13th May, when Mary came from Heaven to beg them to pray the Rosary and do Penance. And on the 13th October she worked the great miracle of the Sun which over 70,000 people witnessed and could not deny, even those who had come to scoff. Yet where is the Catholic Church today? Where are the children who should be praying the Rosary? And how many children even know about Fatima since they are taught so little about the love of Mary. Please, please if you are a parent ask Mary to help you say the rosary with your children. One decade every evening, just one decade, Monday to Friday could see you say the Joyful Mysteries in one week. and the other mysteries in succeeding weeks. It will not tire the children or cause resentment but it may lead them to want to say all the mysteries on one evening. Who knows. Mary is offering us so much grace at this moment. But do not forget to ask them to pray for the conversion of sinners and a world based on the love of God, and the Kingdom of God.


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