You’ll notice a new feature at the bottom of all our blog posts.

When you “like” a post two core things happen. First, we see your “like” and can click-through to your profile (if you’re on wordpress). In addition to this, clicking “like” saves the post in your homepage dashboard (in the “Posts I Like” section), so you can share it with others, or just keep it around for future reference.

Everyone is welcome to leave a comment at the end of any blog post. You may suggest points we’ve missed, ask questions or leave a link to your blog.

Finally everyone is welcome to follow the blog using their email or wordpress account. This helps to keep you updated and gives us an idea of readership. Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage to do this.

If you’re a regular visitor to Portsmouth Mission please leave a comment on this post and let us know a bit about you, particularly if you are an overseas visitor.


St Agatha: Pray for us


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