The Barbara Windsor Story by Diocesan John

I watched the Barbara Windsor story on BBC last night. I was expecting like many others to watch her rise to fame, how adored she was by everyone, and how she was so happy to have been such a success. Instead like millions of others I ws given the real story of a little girl who grew up with a broken heart. She was an only child to parents who were always rowing and when the mother pressed for a divorce little Barbara had to answer questions in a court about how her father treated her mother. She was just a child but spoke truthfully about her father’s abuse in yes and no answers which she did not wasn’t to give. Her father whom she adored then left her and she never saw him again until much later in life and even then he was stolen from her by a new wife who refused to allow her near him. The story centred round scenes in her life with the ghost of her father beside her in many parts. The honesty of BAbs was unbelievable as she recounted many affairs and once she was seen weeping, for she had had an abortion. The Father said to her “What a mess you made” and her calling reply was “But you were not there to help me” Why did Barbara make such an honest deplictrion of her life? I suppose she saw as many of us see while others turn away that there are too many young people now who suffer just like she did. IN a society with a casual approach to sex and marriage so many young people are suffering in their lives from being rejected by that someone who should be loving them. Yes, many can make in the eyes of the world a success in going to University, or being an actor like Barbara, but deep down inside they are so unhappy. I do not suppose the media will understand what Barbara was saying but there are many Childrens’ Charities who will. Thank you Babs for having the guts to show the real you, I hope your story will help our society look a little more closely at those little ones “who ‘get over it’.


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