Popping next door: Fr Julian Large visits Nicky Gumbel at HTB

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In the photograph above you can see the Anglican church of Holy Trinity, tucked neatly away behind the London Oratory. The Oratory was built on land which was owned by Holy Trinity, creating a long driveway from Brompton Road at the end of which HTB manages to gain relative tranquillity.

The Alpha course was founded by clergy at Holy Trinity, Brompton who over a period of twenty years kept adapting the programme in accordance with feedback until in the early 1990s the Alpha course started gaining worldwide attention. As Alpha grew it became the main focus for HTB as it sought to support Alpha’s spread and growth.


Nicky Gumbel is the Vicar of HTB and here we see him meet his “next door neighbour” Fr Julian Large of the Brompton/London Oratory.



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