Portsmouth Mission Blog highlights liberal goings on in Clifton Diocese

Recently the Portsmouth Mission Blog drew your attention to the fact that Catholic Women’s Ordination is holding a meeting at a Catholic church in Bristol. 

The Portsmouth Mission Blog shared this information with the Catholic Truth blog and they have contacted the parish priest directly. Here’s what our friends at Catholic Truth write…

A women’s ordination group will hold their annual meeting in a Catholic church for the first time in their history.

Catholic Women’s Ordination (CWO), which was founded in 1993, announced in their latest newsletter that their next annual gathering is due to take place at St Nicholas of Tolentino Church in Bristol.

They described the news that the gathering was taking place in a Catholic church for the first time as “historic” adding that their meeting, on 4 October, will focus on the theme of women in the diaconate.

“This appears to be a subject in the air at present and poses the question: could it be opened to women in the future and if so would members of CWO support the idea?” the newsletter stated.

The question of whether women could be ordained deacons has long been discussed and was recently advocated by then Archbishop of Freiburg and Chairman of the German Bishops’ Conference, Robert Zollitsch, who suggested a specific office of deacon for women.

Fr Richard McKay, the parish priest of St Nicholas Tolentino, said he was happy for the parish to host the meeting and personally supported the ordination of women.

“I understand not everyone would agree – that’s not a problem. But I do think it is a problem that you are not allowed to debate and discuss the matter.”

In 1994 Pope John Paul II said that the Church had no authority to ordain women and that this view “is to be definitively held by all the Church’s faithful.”

On women’s ordination Pope Francis has said: “the Church has spoken and says no … that door is closed.”

A few comments from the thread:

Fr McKay opines that “it’s not a problem” if people disagree with him on the ordination of women. Wrong. It’s a huge problem. Or rather, he’s the problem…why should we regard HIM as a “priest in good standing” when he’s disowned definitive Catholic teaching on male-only priesthood, while SSPX priests – who’ve never denied a single doctrine of the Faith – are in an “irregular situation”, falsely labelled “schismatics”.   Just curious…


I can’t say I’m in the slightest surprised at this priest opening his church premises to radical feminists. The modernists are emboldened now, since Pope Francis was elected, and they know they will not be brought to book for their dissent. The Bishop in Clifton is not exactly a dyed in the wool traditionalist.

It’s laughable though that if Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice wanted to use that same church for one of their conferences, they’d be sent packing.

Catholic Truth Editor:

Priests in the aftermath of Vatican II have not been properly formed or taught. They have only a superficial grasp of the nature and purpose of the Church – in fact, they’ve been so MAL-formed, most of them, that they think the Church’s purpose is to make the world a better place. I once heard a young priest say at Mass one Christmas, that “Christ came to earth to show solidarity with the poor.” Gimme strength, I thought. And not one head turned in that congregation. Nobody, literally, turned a hair. I know that for a fact, because my head was turning in all directions to see if anyone was remotely surprised at his heresy. So I know, not one person in that congregation turned a hair. It’s unbelievable how fast the Church has collapsed around us this past fifty years.

How anyone can dismiss Fatima as “a private revelation” when the truth of it is smacking us in the mouth day and daily, just amazes me. Moi is amazed.

SOURCE: Catholic Truth Blog


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