Change and Decay

And another one falls to ground. S Stephen, Bournemouth, one of the many jewels of the once glittering Anglo Catholic crown, has become more relevant and meaningful in today’s post Christian world. Yes, a woman dressed as a Catholic priest has “celebrated Mass” in what is one of Pearson’s finest churches. Many “Anglo Catholics” have already left and retreated to S Ambrose – all the more reason why that church will now come under attack. With S Clement under Holy Trinity, Brompton, control ie Protestant attack troops, and S Francis run by a woman  ie pagan worship, it leaves very little except for S Catherine, Southbourne, once the church of the legendary Fr Force, to hold out for the smells and bells brigade. 

Meanwhile, up the road, Holy Trinity, Winchester, will be vacant within the next couple of months. The building is already listed by Historic England, formerly English Heritage, as at risk because of the state of the roof. Sitting on a prime redevelopment site in central Winchester and having passed the so called “resolutions”, it has every reason to feel the end is just around the corner.


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