Fatima and Hell

By Diocesan John.

The trouble with the false Christ of the Modern Church is that he has very little in common  with the Christ of Scripture.   The Christ of Scripture preaches against sin, the Modernist Christ does not.  The  Christ of Scripture told us to be ‘perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect’ but the Modernist Christ tells us that sin does not really matter and we should not take it too seriously.   It is Love the Modernist say that matters, failing to hear the words of Jesus ‘If you love me keep my Commandments’, indeed the Commandments are just RULES we can dispense with.   They still ask though why the Church is getting smaller.

At Fatima Our Lady foresaw this crisis in the Church and she pointed out  that many souls are being lost to Hell.   In saying this she was only saying what her Son Jesus taught, bur in our Modern comfortable Church no matter how many great miracles God works to demonstrate the truth of his mother’s message they find it impossible to change what can only be called their prejudice and perhaps their easier life.   They are not so much concerned with the saving of souls as having a large happy congregation run their way and with no contentious issues dividing the congregation, which means of courts that those who would propose the unchanging truths of the Gospel are the divisive ones.   There was a rather foolish attempt to say that actually when he used the words Hell in the Jewish language he meant the ‘rubbish dump’.   But does it matter whether we spend eternity in a fire or a rubbish dump.  Neither of course is the real image of Hell for Hell is being in a place where we have lost the friendship of God for all eternity.   But if God is good we may cry He would not do that.  But Jesus says that he does and although I do not understand nor am able to explain if He said it then I believe it.   Yet despite the existence of Hell I know this – that I will end  up there because I am trying to follow Jesus and I am trying not to sin, and I have not turned by back on Him.   God knows it is difficult to be perfect, but he wants us all to keep trying and He gave His Church, yes His Church,not ours, and all the graces we find in the Sacraments especially the Sacrament of Confession,   And He gave us His Body in the Blessed Sacrament which IF RECEIVED WORTHILY will make us a Holy People.   It requires effort on our part though and none of us are saints.

But what about those outside the Catholic Church?   Are they all bound for Hell?.   As soon as you mention the special privileges that Catholics have this is the usual retort of modernists.    Again at Fatima Our Blessed Mother covered this.   By the Sacrifice of Jesus continued in the Church graces are poured out of the church which are spread by the Holy Spirit where he will.  But most important added to that Sacrifice is our own prayers and sacrifices for the conversion of all sinners.   Our Lady of Fatima made no distinction or race or creed.   She told the children that we must make acts of reparation every day for the sins which are offending God.   Yes, OFFENDING  GOD, who loves us so much and love is a feeling not an intellectual decision.

O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of Hell, and lead all souls to Heaven, especially those most in need of your mercy.


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