Do Anglicans have Apostolic Succession?


One thought on “Do Anglicans have Apostolic Succession?

  1. The issue is vexed to say the least. Before the reign of terror started in the 1960’s, Anglo Catholics could, with some degree of truth, claim that their orders were “valid” in the literal sense that there was a connection between pre Reformation bishops and those created after the break with the Holy See but, of course, Rome did not agree and Rome, at the end of the day, holds all of the cards. However nice the CDF and others might be towards Anglicans and they have been extremely accommodating and generous, they still insist on outright ordination. A man is not a priest until hands are placed upon his head and the words uttered by a Catholic bishop. That’s it. There is no other option. There is the slight problem of a certain Pontif called Francis who has given the impression that Rome accepts all and that things have changed. Ignore such talk.
    The behind the scene minders will soon explain to the likes of Mr Welby and his area managers ( who like to dress and act like bishops ) that nothing has changed. So for all those excited that “women priests”, on line abortion, same sex marriage and all the rest of the liberal agenda have made no difference – well, forget it. More chance of union with Isis than with Rome. The C of E is going the way of Woolworths, much loved but no longer a High Street brand.


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