Bishop Egan and Mgr Harvey visit a Mosque

Last Friday Bishop Egan and Mgr Vincent Harvey visited the Abu Bakr mosque in Southampton and joined them for Friday prayers. 

Bishop Egan said, “Great Britain is a highly secular society. Yet you and I, Muslims and Christians, we are people of religion, faith and spirituality. We believe in God, and we believe that every human being is called to know Him, serve Him and love Him, to worship Him and to respect Him, and to find in Him ultimate happiness. It’s our task to
witness to this in society, so that other people, those who say they have no religion, those who say they’re not sure, those who are lost or on the margins, can find their way home to Him. This is why I’d like to ask you to pray also for us Christians, as we pray for you. Together, we have an important task in society and so we need to be strong, solid, authentic in our religion: in a word, holy. Indeed, it’s crucial for the well-being and the
future of our land, and something to think about as we prepare for the General Election next week.”

Mgr Harvey must respect the Islamic Faith. The modernist church of St Bede, Basingstoke was built under his direction and is reminiscent of a mosque- certainly not a Catholic Church at any rate!





2 thoughts on “Bishop Egan and Mgr Harvey visit a Mosque

  1. With all due respect to Bishop Philip Eagan I must remind all Catholics that they alone worship the one true God. On Sunday we shall gather to celebrate the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity : we believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. We believe in Trinity in unity and unity in Trinity. Unlike other members of the so called Abrahamic religions, Christians alone acknowledge the three gold nature of God. Jews believe in a god but do not accept Jesus Christ as His Son, neither do they accept the Holy Ghost. In other words they reject the concept of a three fold God. Muslims likewise acknowledge a god but do not accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God redefining Jesus as a prophet and a minor one at that. Like the Jews, Muslims do not accept the Holy Ghost. The Athanasian Creed is a statement or anthem in honour of the Blessed Trinity and the Incarnation. At a time when much of the Faith is up for grabs the Creed makes a clear statement. The Catholic Faith is based upon a divine revelation of the nature of God for God has revealed Himself to mankind.
    And the essence of that revelation is that the Godhead is contained in a Trinity of persons. Of course, many people prefer to ignore this particular creed because they object to dogmatic teaching about God, preferring instead to “make it up on the hoof” hardly knowing what they believe themselves – here we see the fruits of Vat 2. There is also a particular problem with this creed – the damnation clauses which remind the reader that “Whosoever will be saved, before all things it is necessary that he hold the Catholic Faith”. The creed reminds us that those who reject their faith are in great danger – a point which is repeated in the New Testament.
    It does not help others who are outside of the Faith if we dum down aspects of the teaching that brings our Salvation. Why should anyone embrace the Faith that even its followers feel entitled to amend and subtract at will?
    Jews and Muslims are God’s children and thereby our brothers and sisters which means we have an obligation, indeed a heavenly charge to bring them into the one true fold. That invitation must start with clear teaching
    about the nature of God – the Holy Trinity being an essential aspect of that teaching. So, I must remind all readers that statements such as “we all worship the one God”, rather like those other statements – “we all go to heaven” whilst well intentioned, perhaps, are not for us, as mortals, to make.


  2. It worries me when I read of such “visits”. Whilst the photo looks happy enough, there would have been a number of muslims who would have nothing but contempt for the statements made by the Bishop during his visit. Historically, it is only possible that Abraham physically fathered the Jews and the Arabs who went on to embrace paganism, judaism or Christianity often probably of a Nestorian character. So I cant accept the 3 Abrahamic religions notion. Whilst the Jews did not accept Christ as The Son and God, their Old Testament is rife with references to the Trinity, and the day draws nearer when the veil will be lifted for them.


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