Tim Farron- an indication of things to come? Also a news update

This blog is 4 years old today.

By Diocesan John…

Our Lady at Fatima told us that unless we changed then Russia would spread her errors to the rest of the world.   She never specifically mentioned the errors but if we look at our society today we can come a reasonable conclusion that what she was referring to was a Society where morality was not based on the law of God but on human and atheistic convenience.

We have just had another glimpse of this in the recent British Elections where Tim Farron of the Liberal Democrats was asked his opinion on homosexuality.    Tim declined to answer since his views were well known for he was an Evangelical Christian.    But the pressure was then on him and he was forced to resign.   So we now have one party where no Christian faithful to Jesus can expect to be welcome and indeed I guess that will soon apply to all Parliamentary Parties.  The Godless are on the rise and seeking out and destroying Christians wherever they find them.

What I find curious though is the way that Moslems such as Siddiq Khan are never asked their vews on these subjects of Homosexuality and Abortion.    I am not attacking him for this but more and more it is the Christians whom the Godless turn on.   I remember when the Gay Marriage Bill was being debated and in the Sunday Morning show THE BiG QUESTION the atheists were full of scorn for the Christians in the audience hurling all the usual bricks at them.   There was an Imam in the audience so the facilitator turned to him and asked if he would marry two men.  The reply was “No, we only marry a man and a woman”  The facilitator did not probe and went back to the main audience who continued to attack the Christians.

Abortion is another curious subject with the Godless,.   Whereas Feminists go on the street shouting for womens rights they are strangely silent when it comes to defending Moslem women.    There are no major condemnations of Genital Mutilation of girls, no protest about child marrage, and indeed I never heard any of them criticise the Rotherham affair where white girls were being groomed for ses.
In Northern Ireland however because of the DUP influence at the moment there they were with their penny worth on hard cases and attacking the rights of other women to defend the rights of the unborn.     The difficulty is of course that the only right in abortion is the right of the women to kill the baby.   They give no help to a girl who does not want to kill her baby and they abuse the women who defend the baby and give active support so that the baby will be saved.    In this hateful campaign against Life they show themselves as inhuman monsters by denying the God given right of the babies, and insist that their opinion that the baby is not human must be observed by all.    Some have even gone as far as boasting that they do not feel any guilt after an abortion.  Now thee are women who are placed in difficult circumstances by Abortion and go through with an aboirtion and the guilt or otherwise is none of my business but for a woman to boast that such experiences are liberating is appalling, many good and decent women do feel guilty – now the feminists are telling them they are stupid.

God knows whee we will go with all this transgender nonsense.   Allowing a man to walk into a womans toilet is appalling.    It is always the right of the transgender person the takes paramount of course not the feelings of the women who are in the toilet.    Bigotry always comes first.

Before the police call I should state my view on homosexuals.   It is the Catholic view that they are created and loved by God and will always be loved by God.   In any activity the have the choice of free will to act or not to act.  Whether you are homosexual or heterosexual sex shouldn’t be a compulsion and if you find that it is then you need help.   But I do not see most homosexuals as the world’s greatest sinner.   You are adults and have every right to make your decisions as adults but when a minority try to force their views on mine I will defend my view – whatever the cost.


Requiem Mass was offered this morning at St Agatha’s, Portsmouth, remembering the victims of the recent tower block fire.

Bishop Egan has recently reported on Clergy Moves for the Diocese:

‘I have made the following clergy appointments, which take effect from 8th September 2017. I thank these priests for all they have done and for being willing to make these moves. Please pray that in the new appointments the Lord will bless these pastors and their communities abundantly.


  • Canon Paul Townsend to Sacred Heart and St. Theresa of Lisieux, Ringwood and Our Lady of Sorrows and St. Philip Benizi, Fordingbridge
  • Fr. Mark Hogan to St. Peter and The Winchester Martyrs, Winchester
  • Fr. Chris Whelan to St. Joseph Basingstoke
  • Fr. Anthony Glaysher to St. Joseph and St. Mary Aldershot
  • Fr. Steven Restori to St. Mary’s Ryde
  • Fr. John Cooke to Immaculate Conception, Christchurch; also as the parish priest of Holy Redeemer, Highcliffe
  • Fr. Peter Hart to St. Margaret Mary’s, Park Gate
  • Fr. James Carling to St. Mary’s Alton
  • Fr. Paul Obada to Christ the King and St. Colman Southampton
  • Fr. Paul Lyons to St. Patrick Southampton and The Annunciation Netley Abbey
  • Fr. Claro Conde to Corpus Christi and St. Joseph Portsmouth
  • Fr. Philip Carroll to St John’s Cathedral as Assistant Priest and Bishop’s Secretary
  • Fr. John Lavers (temporarily) to English Martyrs, Reading, as Assistant Priest and Hospital Chaplain
  • Fr. Innaiah Maddineni to be Diocesan Co-ordinator of Missio (in addition to his current parish responsibilities).
  • Fr. Vittorio Scomparin, Chaplain to the Neo-Catechumenal Way will move to St. Swithun’s Southsea as priest in residence.
  • We welcome to Sacred Heart Bournemouth Fr. Dominic Jacobs (CongOrat) and Fr. Peter Edwards (Southwark), together with postulant           members Wojtek Rudnicki and Kari Hinktikka, as the Oratory in Formation, assuring them of our prayers.

Fr Glaysher’s New Parish

Fr Glaysher is a wonderful priest and I’m sure he’ll make a real impression on the mainland. He is being posted to St Joseph’s, Aldershot.



Below: The interior before Vat II





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