Bishop Egan’s E-News

Bishop Egan’s E-News follows on the link below. Firstly, however, I draw your attention to recent comments made on a blog by Paul Inwood:

‘Many pastorally-minded bishops generously increased the provision of EF celebrations in the wake of Summorum Pontificum. Nevertheless, the take-up has not noticeably increased. In my own neck of the woods, it is still the same group of 30 or so who journey around the diocese sampling EF celebrations wherever they can find them. The demand is clearly not there, and a disproportionate amount of resources are being devoted to servicing a tiny splinter group.

A more accurate term would be the “Abnormal Form”, IMO.

And before the flame-throwing begins, let me reiterate that I grew up with the EF and loved it. But that is not where the Church is now. We have moved on, despite attempts to pull us back.’

So what, Mr Inwood, have we moved on to?

Fewer and fewer people who call themselves Catholic actually follow Church rules or accept Church doctrine. For example, a 1999 poll by the National Catholic Reporter shows that 77 percent believe a person can be a good Catholic without going to Mass every Sunday, 65 percent believe good Catholics can divorce and remarry, and 53 percent believe Catholics can have abortions and remain in good standing. Only 10 percent of lay religion teachers accept Church teaching on artificial birth control, according to a 2000 University of Notre Dame poll. And a New York Times/CBS poll revealed that 70 percent of Catholics age 18-44 believe the Eucharist is merely a “symbolic reminder” of Jesus.

In 1944 there were 30,946 marriages in the UK, by 1964 the figure had risen to 45,592—–but by 1999 it had plunged to 13,814.

In 1944, 178 priests were ordained; in 1964, 230; and in 1999 only 43—–and in the same year 121 priests died.

So much for progress!


“We’re going to make this Diocese great again”


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3 thoughts on “Bishop Egan’s E-News

  1. I attended the 8 a.m. Mass (Extraordinary Form) at Portsmouth Cathedral this morning. I did not count, but I would think there were at least 50 present, including people I had not seen before.
    As for Paul Inwood, a quick Google suggests this is one and the same Paul Inwood who attempted to subvert Summorum Pontificum in 2007 when it was first promulgated. He is perhaps best known as the composer of some awful trendy liturgical music. As ‘Director of Liturgy’ for the Portsmouth Diocese he prepared a set of guidelines for parishes that wholly misrepresented Pope Benedict’s Apostolic Letter by suggesting that most Catholics were not entitled to request the older form of Mass. Inwood insisted that priests coming into the diocese to say the old form of Mass would need child protection clearance! He did not last long after the arrival of Bishop Philip Egan.
    What a sad man.

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  2. We live in a time of unprecedented revolution unlike that of the Reformation. The novus ordo will undergo profound reorientation and be at last recognised as having been highjacked. So take up by Catholics of the EF is not the last word. Prayerful preparation is required.

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