I dreamed a dream


Set to “I dreamed a dream” from the Claude-Michel Schönberg musical “Les Miserables”

There was a time when Mass seemed bland,
The music wasn’t reverential,
The homilies seemed largely canned,
And often were self-referential,
Then it all was changed…

I dreamed a dream in time gone by
That chanting would be all Gregorian,
No more guitars, or tambourines,
No nuns in outfits Terpsichorean

Then I was young, but hope seemed far
From ever reaching its fulfillment,
When Latin happened it was rare,
I barely knew just what the thrill meant.

Then the Pope wrote a decree,
He wrote it motu proprio-o,
Set the ancient missal free,
For all time and everywhere….

Suddenly the night was starry,
Frustrations gone, now I could vent them,
“Introibo ad altare!”
Father said ad orientem.

I still dream my treasured dream,
A thousand maniples a’ shining,
Biretta on each priestly head,
The NCR, distraught and whining.

I had a dream the Church would be,
So different in this generation
And though we’ve had a twist or three,
I still cling to the dream I dreamed….


Other bits and bobs…

As you know, the wonderful Father Glaysher is being transferred to St Joseph’s, Aldershot. I have already posted photos of St Joseph’s but thought you might like to see it before the Vat II liberals smashed it to bits…




Of course Father Glaysher will be in superb company as he joins parish Deacon Craig Aburn.

Before falling into the Tiber and deciding to swim to the other side, Deacon Aburn was often MC and acting Subdeacon at St Silas, Kentish Town (see below). He also served as webmaster for the Anglican Society of Mary and Guild of the Servants of the Sanctuary.


We can now expect great things from St Joseph’s. Thanks be to God.



Benediction at St Joseph’s, Aldershot.


Farnborough Abbey

I have only just discovered that another Divine Worship Mass has taken place at St Michael’s Abbey. It was celebrated during the St John the Evangelist Calgary pilgrimage to the UK (below).



Fr John Maunder of St Agatha’s, Portsmouth had celebrated Mass according to Divine Worship some years earlier:




“In the beginning was the Word…”



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