Diocesan John

Homosexuality is a difficult subject to discuss   There are those who will be reading this to criticise and object if I say one word wrong and are ready to call he police or the press and others who will be criticising and objecting if I do not fiercely condemn the action..    So we are all inclined to keep our heads down.

Most of us think of the type cast like “The Only Gay in the Village’ in Little Britain and believe this represents homosexuals.   Or perhaps those walking naked in Pride Marches who have ‘come out’  and now defy society are our models.    But there are a large number of Gays who do not behave in this way, and believe that their sexuality is their own private affair and they do not see it as the most important thing in their lives.   There are also the ‘forgotten ones’  those who have homosexual attraction but practice celibacy.

But in whatever way they deal with the same sex attraction they are people created by God, loved by God, and Jesus hung on the cross for their salvation also.  They are people of flesh and blood who hurt and feel and perhaps if we are to reach out to them as God demands us then we must look at the language we use when we describe them.   Will using language like sodomite, perversion, disordered, really a means of getting a discussion going.   When we look at the promiscuity in our society do we call people fornicators and adulterers?   We are even afraid at times to say they are ‘living in sin’.   So languages the first thing we change.    There are of course homosexuals who will never listen to the Church no matter how we approach them, but there are a large number of Gays who will respect the right of the Church to disagree if we do  so in an honest and civi manner.

Recently I have come upon two people who are approaching the migrant crisis in an honest and down to earth manner.  They are Gay.  They are fearful of Moslem Immigration and when you see how Moslems are treated in the 28 countries that are Moslem they have every right to be afraid.    Watching the Government of Europe pretending there is no problem with the Moslems when in fact the problems are almost an every day occurrence they are afraid that the fear of offending shown by Governments and Police will eventually lead to attacks on them.   They have witnessed the treatment of white girls by Asians in Rotherham and other cities and the appalling fear by the police and social services to act, out of some kind of respect for multiculturalism.   They want law and order restored to this country.  I support them all the way and have no difficulty with them because they are gay.


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