Blog Pilgrimage

Deacon Stephen Morgan has been appointed to Holy Family, Southampton. Fr Bradley wrote on Twitter, ‘Last Sunday we announced that Bishop Philip has appointed Deacon Stephen Morgan to assist Father James here at Holy Family. Deacon Stephen is currently assigned to the New Forest parishes, and also works as the Finance Officer for the Diocese of Portsmouth. Deacon Stephen will continue in his roles in the diocese, but move to worshipping and working at Holy Family from September 2017. This is great news for our parish, and we will benefit enormously from his preaching, good humour, and skills in finance and education. Please pray for Deacon Stephen as he prepares for this move, and for our Bishop Philip who continues to offer us ways to grow!’


Tomorrow the Portsmouth Blog travels to the Netherlands, passing through France and Belgium.

Though Amsterdam is famous for its red light district and cannabis coffee shops, we’ll be looking out for sanctuary lamps and the only thing we’ll be smoking is Rosa Mystica from a thurible.

The wonderful Fluminalis (a company selling art and decoration from churches) is located within the Netherlands although visitation is by appointment only and it’s a little too far to travel so we’ll probably give it a miss on this occasion.


Apparently the FSSP have a church in Amsterdam with High Mass on Sundays at 11am. This is certainly a possibility.

I shall upload photos when I have WIFI connectivity.



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