Photos of St Agatha’s, Portsmouth

St Agnes_DSF0650-2.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes_DSF0649-2.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes_DSF0648-2.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes_DSF0647-2.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes_DSF0645-2.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes_DSF0644-2.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes_DSF0643-2.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes_DSF0642-2.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes_DSF0641-3.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes_DSF0641-2.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes_DSF0640-2.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes_DSF0639-2.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes_DSF0638-3.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes_DSF0638-2.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes_DSF0637-2.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes Enlarged_DSF0653.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes BW_DSF0644-2.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes BW _DSCF0690-2.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes BW _DSCF0674-2.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes _DSCF0734-2.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes _DSCF0733-2.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes _DSCF0732-2.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes _DSCF0731-2.jpg (1 of 1)St Agnes _DSCF0730-2.jpg (1 of 1)


7 thoughts on “Photos of St Agatha’s, Portsmouth

    1. Yes, I hope to visit St Mary’s tomorrow. I see in the latest newsletter that Mass will be offered at 6pm which will be a great way to end my day on the Island. My great fear is that the work of Fr Glaysher will be trashed by the soon to arrive PP. Worrying times ahead…


      1. I have not met our new priest yet. I will be sorry to see Father Glaysher go. He confirmed me in 2012. I hope to get to Mass tomorrow, sadly I missed the 2 Latin Masses this week due to work commitments.

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      2. We can only pray about this situation. Fr Glaysher has worked tirelessly in adding beauty to the churches of his parish. I do hope he is ready for moving after his recent ill health. I have scheduled your article on Prayer for tomorrow as readers would like to see it.

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