A Day Out

The day started with antique shopping in Hungerford before I drove to Prinknash (pronounced Prinidge) Abbey, just outside Gloucester and famous for its incense. Appatently the Abbot oversees the production.

The monastic community was installed in 1928 and expanded rapidly.

The monastery soon became too small and a larger monastery opened on the site in 1972. 

However, though inhabited for 36 years, they returned to the old house in 2008. 

Today the “new” monastery looks abandoned and I’m not sure what it is used for.

Perhaps Keith O’Brien or +Kieran Conry lives there? Whatever the case, the sign on the gate reads ‘private.’

Back in the original monastery, the church looks rather small and uninspiring. The monks now number 12.

The Novus Ordo takes pride of place with the Traditional Mass usually celebrated on Saturdays.

Before Vatican II:

When I explained to a monk that I do prefer Farnborough he commented “Oh you prefer it with knobs on.”

The monastery shop is worth a visit, stocking the famous Buckfast Abbey tonic wine.

I then drove towards Wales, calling at a little CofE church just by the River Severn.

Finally to Wales and the ruins of Tintern Abbey founded in 1131.

Please Lord make this Island an Island of Saints once more.


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