Why the Church needs Mary

By Diocesan John

A mother is vital to a family.   If the children  have lost something they turn to mother and she usually knows where it is.   Mother ensures their clothes are washed and ironed, that they are ready for school, that they go to parties properly dressed, that when they return from school they are looked after and have a dinner provided for them if she cannot be there.   She worries about them most of the day and she is there to comfort them when they are hurting inside.   Mothers are ready to die for their children.

But what happens when mother is not there?   OK, there are good fathers and a few may be the exception to my next remark but on the whole that emotional comfort a mother can give is almost irreplaceable.   Mothers are natural homemakers.

I am writing this in a country where an establishment is brainwashing the nation into thinking there are no differences in gender.   While it is not all their fault since so many of them have been deprived of a normal family life, what is really sad is to examine how this mentality has also invaded the Church.   Indeed the hesitation of many to speak out for family values has meant that so many children in Catholic schools now come from homes where the mother is struggling without a husband and has to try to be both father and mother.   She is alone and she has not support.  Church people, priests and even bishops do not seem to see the problem.   They are quite unaware of the struggles the children have with only one parent.   They grow up believing that their father or mother did not like them enough to remain and look after them.  So in society today we  have young people feeling unwanted and trying to find happiness in sex, drugs, self harm and sinking into depression and suicide which are at levels never known and display more than my words their problem.    But how can a society which has rejected the Family values which Christ gave us in Marriage possibly understand or solve the problem of spiritual neglect?    Even the Church itself is in some way co-operating with the establishment in its inability to teach the values of Christ and the Family.    The question they should ask is not why young people do not come to Church but why any come at all.

But what can the Church do to help?   The answer is simple, it should turn to its Mother?   The place of Mary in the Church was given to her by Jesus when she knelt at the foot of the Cross offering Him to his Father and sharing in his sufferings.   And when we turn to Mary we should do so in confidence because she too was just an ordinary mother in Nazareth.  She looked after her house and her family in St Joseph and Jesus.    As Mother of the Church she is not our judge nor does she condemn, she is just there waiting like a Mother to heal our hurts.   She has that emotional comfort which helps us weep in her arms.   There are those who would claim and ADULT faith and have no time for such childishness.  But when we cry we have the needs of a child, when we hurt we have the despair of a child and when our Mother listens we have the hope of a child.

To those who would turn to her I say that they should say just one decade of the Rosary every day.  Just turn a little in her direction for believe me that is all she needs to start comforting you.   Well have many in  the past recited the beautiful words of the Memeorare

Remember O most Blessed Virgin Mary that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, or sought  your intercession was left unaided”   


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