How Important is Prayer?

Today I am visiting the Isle of Wight so here is a reflection written by Caroline, a reader of the blog.

Prayer in the modern age might seem an outdated notion. But if the truth is known, even people who profess to have no belief in God will turn to prayer in times of trouble.
We pray for many reasons, out of fear, hope, to try and help others and ourselves and for many other situations.
Prayer gives me a deep sense of peace, wherever it is saying the prayers during Mass or creating my own, it is a deeply personal experience, a deep connection to God.
I add prayers everyday to my Twitter feed as there are so many people who need prayers, maybe because there is no-one to petition for them, because they are ill or in other difficult situations.
It does not take long to pray to God and taking a little time out of your day is beneficial to everyone.
That one prayer said could change someone’s day for the better and give them a sense of well being and hope. Also to know that another person is thinking about them and giving their situation their attention is good for them.
Imagining a world without this special gift from God is impossible, how many people would be locked away in their own, little world without empathy for their fellow human beings. God wants no one to be an island.
To have many people praying for the same outcome can change so much. The petitions do not need to be said aloud, God always knows what is in the heart even if the words cannot be expressed. It creates connections between like minded people and reaches out to every corner of the globe. Thus people as far away as Australia can connect with someone in America, Europe and every other area. With modern technology, no one needs to be alone.
Praying for peace, defying the temptations of the Devil, for help curing serious illnesses and for all personal petitions will be heard by God. No prayer will go unanswered but maybe fulfilled in unexpected ways.


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