PM Blog going from strength to strength.



Since 2014 the number of blog visitors has dramatically increased.


Studying recent months blog traffic is increasing with every month.

The dark blue represents the number of people who have clicked onto the PM blog. The lighter colouring represents the number of views (i.e. pages visited by each visitor).



The number of blog views has significantly increased recently.

Our highest number of views was in January of 2015 but hopefully we’ll beat that figure in this month of August (for July the figure was 3,000).

Last months most popular article was entitled ‘Ordinariate Clergy.’ I reproduce it below in case you missed it.

The essential issue for the Ordinariate is to find young men wishing to be priests. The present contingent ranges from a few younger men through to a top heavy decidedly elderly batch who will be dropping out of active ministry, if not directly into the grave, over the next five to ten years. The current handful of seminarians
will need to double if not quadruple every year if the present numbers are to be maintained.
There is also a heavy dependence upon CofE clergy moving off the sinking ship and on to the barque of Peter. Clergy attracted to the Ordinariate are like a rare breed and fast running out. Those who have joined the CofE since the foundation of the Ordinariate are unlikely to leave and indeed, are unlikely to be accepted by Rome. So we are looking at an ever decreasing pool of ex Anglican clergy who are of retirement age or older. And from that pool many are opting for the direct route via the local diocese. Here we are talking about the Novus Ordo Anglo Catholic type who know nothing of the Prayer Book tradition or the English Missal and who can slot quite easily into westward facing non descript worship centres wearing the oatmeal coloured polyester poncho. There are many of this type already within the Ordinariate, indeed some are quite hostile to the Book of Divine Worship and all that it entails. So the future is going to be a challenge! Nothing new there of course but it suggests that the present “steady as she goes approach” will need some serious revision unless, of course, we accept the “conspiracy theory” approach which goes something like this. The Bishops of Engkand and Wales never wanted the Ordinariate and have discovered that through acts of extreme kindness they can actually kill it. Offer posts to Ordinariate clergy, who have no income, to run diocesan parishes who thereby become dependent upon the good will of the local bishop. Running one or even two parishes leaves little time for the Ordinariate group which either dies off or is absorbed into the parish structure. Either way it’s a success – the parish has a priest and the Ordinariate disappears. With sincere tears of regret the bishops can say “Well, we did try our best”. Yes, you certainly did.
By Miss Marple

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