The Leonine Prayers

Thanks to Michelle for following the blog. 

Diocesan John writes…

On the 13th October, 1884 Pope Leo XIII having celebrated Mass heard a conversation Between God and the Devil.    The Devil said that if he had power over the priests of the Church he would destroy the Church within 100 years.   The reply came “You have it”   Pope Leo then composed the Prayer to St Michael which he said at the foot of the altar in the vernacular with the congregation after every Mass until after Vatican II

When this prayer was stopped the devil seemed to roar in triumph and queenly modernists and feminists were let lose not only in the Church but in the seminaries and young priests came into the parishes who were ill prepared to uphold the Catholic Faith.   We saw Mass attendances fall and the teachings of Christ and His Church being ignored on the grounds that people could now follow ‘their conscience’.   Things did not look good for the future.   But towards the end of the eighties and nineties some kind of miracle happened for suddenly the seminaries began to change and the power of the4 feminists especially was broken.   Now we are seeing the return of good Catholic young men into the priesthood who are guided not by the ambition to serve the poor but also to serve God.

Remember the conversation that Pope Leo heard was in 1884 and the devil was to destroy the Church in 100 years.   But he has failed.   And look again at the date 13th October.   This was also the day and the month of the Miracle at Fatima.    Perhaps on the centenary of that day the Immaculate Heart Mary will start her triumphant return.


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