A Manual of Catholic Devotion

A Manual of Catholic Devotion for members of the Church of England

The Church Union

Publication Date: 1st January 1950

Father Maunder has a number of these manuals. If you’d like a copy please contact Father or leave a comment with your contact details on this post (I shall not make your details public).

A donation is requested for St Agatha’s church. 

Currently these manuals are selling from £30 on Amazon.

Thank you 

‘The books are the first fruits of pre 2nd WW search for unity and contains much trad Catholics would admire. Later editions did include the revised services ( which can be ignored but are prob still better than a NO Mass ) but all the other prayers, collects and litanies etc are of a good heritage. Here lies a good dose of patrimony !’


3 thoughts on “A Manual of Catholic Devotion

    1. Hello David, please could you comment on this post with your contact details. I will not make the comment public but pass your details to Father. Thank you


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