The Rosary

By Caroline

The Devil hates the name of Mary above all things. that is why it is so important to pray a Rosary every day. To concentrate on the life of Jesus, born of the Virgin Mary weakens the Devil’s influence.

He hates everybody but those who practice their Christian faith above all. Every person who is close to God is hurtful to him and he will try everything to destroy their faith.

By the carrying of a Rosary and the praying of this beautiful devotion, does much to strengthen faith and gives spiritual well being.

Before praying the Rosary it is good to remember people in bad or difficult situations so that God can act on your petitions. If someone knows they are being prayed for, it makes them feel less alone and gives them a sense of worth. There are many people who maybe live alone and have no family or friends to help them through difficult times. Some people do not know how to pray or do not believe in prayer.

To pray a Rosary for the first time is a very special experience, my first time was in March 2012 while i was going through the RCIA course prior to becoming a Catholic.

It saved my soul and stopped me leaving from turning away from the Catholic Church.. Before my conversion, I was heavily into the New Age and had done much wrong, although I had the best of intentions. I thought I was helping people by practicing Reki, Crystal healing, reading their Tarot and Angel cards etc, but I was doing the Devil’s work.

God sent a devoutly Catholic lady, who was re-learning her faith to me as I was getting ready to leave the RCIA course just weeks before my confirmation. It was she who asked me to come into my local Catholic church to pray a Rosary. That first Rosary, the Sorrowful Mysteries, prayed on a Friday afternoon gave me the strength to continue on my path and today i am still a devout Catholic who prays a rosary every day.

The devil tried hard to get me to leave the road to Catholicism but the power of the Rosary is so much stronger, against the Lord’s Prayer, the Hail Mary and the Glory be as well as the Fatima prayer, the Devil finds himself helpless.

At times the temptation to go back to my old way of life is strong and that is the tims I pray my Rosary. It is good to pray one for all those still trapped in the false illusion of the New age and those who have turned away from God to follow the Devil ‘s path.

in this world where God is considered an old fashioned and outdated concept, the Rosary is the greatest defense. Science cannot answer everything and many miracles have been  attributed to the Rosary. It keeps families together, it brings people together in church, it is the mainstay of every Legion of Mary meeting and of course, the Rosary is prayed in churches every May and October, the months of our Lady.

Through praying the various Mysteries throughout the week, we follow the life of Jesus and his sainted Mother. It is so beautiful and I think if this wonderful devotion, if everyone would put down their swords and doubts and prayed a Rosary, then the world would be a safer and better place.

I end with the prayer said every Sunday in Catholic churches, the world over:

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you,

Blessed are thou among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus,

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.


*A new page will shortly be added to the blog explaining to converts, the inquisitive and modernist liberals how to pray the Rosary.*

The Rosary is a very powerful prayer. I didn’t used to pray it but now do so each day as I drive to work. Even if you only pray a decade a day, Our Lady will pour blessings from Heaven upon you and your family.

Don’t forget to offer a decade for the intention of St Agatha’s church and the building of a north aisle. 


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